How to Fix Rips and Tears in Your Mattress

It almost seems inevitable that anything that gets used eight hours a day, every day for decades, will develop rips, tears and other assorted signs of wear. Your mattress fits this bill exactly. Most people spend so much time on their mattresses and even spend quite a bit of money to have nice mattresses. But what many people lack is the foresight to properly protect their mattresses.

Protecting your mattress should be just like protecting any investment that you have. However, protecting a mattress from some of the normal wear and tear of day to day life might be a little easier than most other investments.

How to Prevent Rips and Tears on Your Mattress

The first step you can do is to prevent rips and tears from happening in the first place. This is usually accomplished with a mattress cover. Mattress covers are very handy devices that can create a barrier to stop dust and water from getting into your mattress and provide much protection and support from forces that can cause rips and tears in a mattress.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where a rip or tear has already developed, following are a few pointers on how to fix them.

How to Fix a Memory Foam Mattress Tear

For many of us with a memory foam mattress, they may seem invincible when we first get them. But over time and with heavy use, some people find out that a tear or rip in a memory foam mattress can easily happen. The best and easiest way to fix this is to head down to your local furniture or upholstery shop and ask for a special kind of glue made for memory foam mattresses. This glue will help repair your mattress and stop any tears from getting bigger.

How to Fix an Air Mattress or Waterbed Mattress Tear or Leak

Usually trying to fix a tear or leak in an air mattress or waterbed poses a few different challenges to the person trying to fix it. For an air mattress, the first thing you want to do is try to find the hole by mixing up some soap and water, applying it to parts of the bed and looking for bubbles. If you see bubbles somewhere, chances are you have a hole.

Hopefully, a small hole in a waterbed is a little more obvious. Once the hole has been identified, if it is small enough just apply a little bit of glue over the hole and let it dry. If the hole is a little too big for that, you will need to find a small square of plastic or vinyl and glue it over the hole as a patch.

While fixing a tear or rip in a mattress is not necessarily a very difficult process, it can still be mostly avoided by using a protective mattress cover. Not only that a mattress cover will protect your mattress from rips and tears but it will also protect your mattress against dust and bacteria.

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Myla Hughes August 23, 2014 at 2:55 pm

How to repair a small tear in a mattress protection cover? I can’t seem to find the answer to that question. And what can be used to do so?


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