Flipping Mattresses: Why Flip a Mattress, and How To Do It.

CC Flickr photo courtesy of ajturner. Flip your mattress, don't flip ONTO a mattress!

While a mattress has a lifespan of about ten years, it is important to do things to maintain the quality of the mattress so that it does in fact last those ten years. No mattress, no matter how good, will last long if you do not take care of it.

One way to take care of your mattress is to flip it on a regular basis. People are often not aware that flipping the mattress will prolong its life. There are some mattresses that cannot be flipped but they can be rotated, which will help maintain the quality of the mattress.

Some people flip their mattresses every couple of months but in some cases flipping that often is not needed. Then on the other hand people sometimes wait until it is too late to flip the mattress. Waiting until you can feel the springs or until there is sag on your side of the bed before you flip is too late. Mattress companies will advise you that flipping your mattress should be done every couple of months or once every six months to ensure that mattress stays comfortable.

No Flip Mattress: Are They Real?

When choosing a mattress you might want to consider a no flip mattress. The name of this mattress suggests that the mattress will maintain its shape and comfort and will not need to be flipped as a standard mattress does.

The name no-flip can be misleading to consumers however. A no flip mattress doesn’t mean that it will never need to be flipped; what it means is the mattress cannot be flipped. It cannot be flipped because there is no padding or upholstery on the bottom side. These mattresses are often sold at a cheaper price to try to entice people to buy them. A mattress that cannot be flipped will often not last as long as one that can. You could get five years out of this type of mattress whereas a mattress that is flipped on a regular basis can last twice as long.

Pillow Top Mattresses: Can You Flip Them?

Choosing a mattress with a pillow top will also determine if the mattress can be flipped or not. There are two types of pillow top mattresses, ones that have padding on one side and those that have the pillow added to both sides. A pillow top mattress with a single pillow top cannot be flipped. Those that have the double padding can be flipped as they are the same on both sides of the mattress. Flipping a double pillow top mattress is very important to maintaining the quality of the padding and keeping the mattress comfortable.

Rotating and Flipping a Mattress

Choosing a mattress that cannot be flipped means that you need to rotate the mattress to maintain comfort. Rotating your mattress simply means that you are turning the mattress so that every few months you are sleeping a different part of the mattress. This will keep the padding of the mattress evened out.

Rotating the mattress should be done the same as you would flip the mattress, at least every six months if not sooner. Rotating and flipping can be combined if possible. You may rotate the mattress every month and then flip every six months. This will keep your mattress looking and feeling good for a very long time. The same should be done for the box spring. They cannot be slipped as they are only upholstered on the top side but they can rotate at the same time as your mattress.

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