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Nothing can really bring the décor of a bedroom together like a nice headboard. But don’t let the beauty of these pieces of art fool you, a headboard can be one big headache. When it comes to headboards, it is fairly easy to tell who succeeded in conquering the bedroom set and who did not, whether that headboard is at the head of the bed or propped up against the wall in the corner. If you fall into the latter category, here are a few headboard ideas that can help you get it together.

Headboard IdeasAlignment is Key

One of the biggest hiccups that a person experiences when setting up a fancy new quality bed frame is the alignment of all those little holes where the screws go. Being off by just a fraction of an inch can turn that exciting feeling of having a new bed into some kind of assembly nightmare. But don’t worry, most of us have been or will be in this same situation, so there is still hope. In a situation like this, it may be time to break out the heavy machinery like a drill and screwdriver to get a little creative with putting your bed together.

While the thought of using power tools to put together something that should fit perfectly might turn some people off, it is a very easy and achievable process for almost anybody. All you have to do is find the proper alignment between the headboard and the rest of the frame, drill a few holes, preferably with a power drill, and insert a few screws.

What if you are trying to use a headboard that was not part of the bedroom set? No problem. Either you can use the same method as described above and align everything and start drilling, or you can visit your local furniture shop to see if they have any metal adapters specifically made to join a headboard to a bed frame.

The Last Resort

Like every well-thought-out plan, there is always that chance that something does not go quite right. That very well may be the case with attaching a headboard to a bed frame. Do not despair though, there is a solution. This process gets a bit more complicated, and someone with a little bit of carpentry knowledge may need to get involved.

If that headboard that you love so much just will not fit onto that frame, all you have to do is bolt it to the wall. Probably a little easier said than done, but the process is simple enough. Just attach your headboard to the studs in your wall by using large screws or toggle bolts. Once the headboard is securely fastened to the wall, push the bed frame up against the headboard and voila, your problems are solved.

If you’ve purchased that nice, expensive, high quality bed frame and a nice mattress, don’t ruin it all with a headboard that doesn’t fit properly. With a little bit of time, patience, inspiration, and some power tools, you too can be on your way to having a beautiful bedroom set.

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