How to Safely Move Your Mattress

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When it comes to moving, nothing is more exciting than getting the keys to that new house or apartment, or maybe the thought of making a fresh start in a new city. What is usually not as exciting is the long and backbreaking task of moving all of your belongings and furniture with you. One of the bigger and harder pieces of furniture to move is your bed and mattress.

Mattresses and beds generally pose a special kind of problem when moving to which many of us can relate. Some mattresses can exceed eighty pounds and are very big and bulky. When you try to move them, then start flapping around and are hard to control.

Even worse is when you are moving your nice, expensive mattress and somehow damage it. For some mattresses, this is surprisingly easy to do. A foam mattress can easily pull apart, and waterbeds or air mattresses can get a small hole in them in the blink of an eye. That’s why it is very important to properly protect your mattress before moving it.

Mattress Cover for Moving

The best and most prevalent way to move a mattress safely is by purchasing a mattress cover for moving specifically. These covers are usually just big heavy-duty plastic or vinyl sheets that you can put over your mattress before moving it in or out of a house. This will ensure that a mattress will not catch on anything sharp and potentially rip, tear, or poke a hole. Nobody wants to buy a brand new mattress for his or her new home because a small nail sticking out from the wall decided it wanted to tear your mattress in half.

Not only does a mattress cover protect you mattress from rips and tears, it also protects it from dirt, stains and dust during its moving or storage. It is a very good option that can prevent any unwanted damage done to your mattress and it comes at a very affordable price.

Some Other Tips and Tricks for Moving Your Mattress Safely

Other things you can do to safely move your mattress is to stop it from rubbing against anything while it is moving. This can include using moving pads. A moving pad is just a piece of plastic or other material that you put under your furniture, or in this case your mattress. You can safely pull it across the floor without having to worry about getting it caught on something or wearing it down. If you are moving the mattress by hand, always try to keep it elevated off the ground. This will also stop the mattress from coming into contact with anything that can tear it apart.

Moving to another location can be both fun and stressful. Even with the greatest caution any piece of your furniture may become damaged. Doing everything possible to prevent this from happening should be a priority. When it comes to your mattress whether you are using a mattress bag or cover for moving or following one of the other methods mentioned, it is important to do something to protect your investment.

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