Mattress Bags – What They Are and why You Need Them?

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With the recent outbreak of bed bugs in hotels around the United States and Canada people are being advised to use a mattress bag to protect their mattress, especially in locations such as hotels where a large number of people use the same mattresses.

Mattress bags can also be used when transporting or moving your mattress from one location to another. A mattress bag is commonly used my moving companies to protect your mattress from dust and other things that could damage or ruin the mattress.

Choosing a mattress bag is not difficult as they often come in a variety of sizes or some may be classified as one size fits all. They simply slide on over the mattress and can be taped at one end to thoroughly protect the mattress during transportation. Some people also cover their mattress using mattress bags all year round to give them the added protection from dust and allergens.

Choosing a mattress protector from a moving company is often the best choice as they often use heavy duty mattress bags that will not rip or tear easily. You want something that can be moved around without tearing.

What is it about the mattress bag that enables it to be so effective in protecting your mattress? When choosing a mattress protector you should get one that has been treated with an anti-microbial spray and one that is fire retardant. This type of bag for your mattress can then be used repeatedly. Bags that are made from thin plastic often have to be thrown away after each use. This can get expensive if you used them frequently.

The most commonly used type of bag for your mattress is the brown, heavy duty mattress cover. This bag is the bag of choice amongst moving companies. The purpose of the brown cover is to hide the mattress during transportation. The bag is designed to expand to accommodate mattress of different sizes therefore only requiring you to buy one type. The mattress can be inserted in to the bag easily and often only requires one person; however, two more people may be needed for larger mattresses.

Where Can I Buy A Mattress Bag?

Mattress bags are available for sale online. They are also sold by moving companies. Heavy duty bags can be rented from these companies whereas the plastic covers must be purchased as they are frequently torn when moving the mattress. They are less expensive due to their fragile nature.

If you are using your mattress cover when storing your mattress you must ensure that it is waterproof. This will ensure that no moisture will inside the bag while in storage. It is also a good idea to tape the bag thoroughly on the open end as this will also prevent water from getting it. If you are have a pillow top mattress you may require a special mattress protector. When looking for a bag always ask for help and explain what type of mattress you have to ensure you get the proper cover.

Other Mattress Bag Resources:

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