Mattress Joiner

Need a mattress joiner, or wonder what one is?

There is no need to panic when trying to arrange for extra sleeping space for friends and family members that come to visit. Choosing a mattress for overnight company to sleep on is as simple as pushing two twin beds together. This is a quick, inexpensive way to make a comfortable king size bed from mattresses that you already own. A mattress joiner converts twin beds without having to purchase or rent a larger bed. It takes the guesswork out of answering the dilemma of what is the best mattress for your guests when they visit.

Foam Bridge Mattress Joiner

If you are having trouble choosing a mattress joiner that is inexpensive and easy to install, look for a foam bridge connector. The bridge is a lightweight strip that comfortably converts twin beds into a king bed. It is made from hypo-allergenic foam that is placed over the seam where the two mattresses meet. The underside of the strip has a lip, or wedge, which fills in the gap between the mattresses.

What is the best mattress style that works with a bed bridge? All styles will work with the bridge but it is recommended that each twin bed be the same thickness in order to avoid lumps or ridges in the area where the mattresses meet. A separate strap can be purchased separately to prevent the strip from slipping out of place.

Connector Belt Mattress Joiner

The connector belt mattress joiner is a flexible strip that slips over the space between the mattresses and along their sides. The belt is made of a washable material similar to sheepskin. Installation takes just a few minutes; which is an important consideration when choosing a mattress joiner. Once the joiner is in place the beds are secured with a buckle that securely snaps the belt shut. The belt is 8 inches wide to seamlessly fill in the gap so the beds do not separate during the night.

Connector belts are also available in 12 inch wide strips to allow you to decide on what is the best mattress joiner for your pillow top or plush mattress. The strap adjusts all the way up to the length of twin extra long mattresses (80”) size. Once the belt is in place a mattress pad can be placed over the top of both mattresses. Some people use this type of mattress joiner to provide a permanent king size bed in their home when twin beds are no longer needed. This saves the time and expense of choosing a mattress from scratch.

Combination Mattress Joiner and Pad

If you want to make sure you are getting a mattress joiner that is easy to install, this is the connector to buy. It comes complete with the bridge, the wedge and the padding in one piece. The two inch thick pillow top quilted pad covers the surface of both beds. It is made from urethane foam. The wedge is laminated to the pad and fits between the void between the mattresses. The combination mattress joiner fits beneath fitted sheets. Once it is fitted on the beds, all that is needed are the linens since the mattress pad is included. There is no assembly is required and it is easily removed for cleaning.

Mattress joiners come in a variety of prices and materials. By planning ahead of time you will have an idea of what is the most suitable mattress joiner to meet your needs before you set out to make your purchase.

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